UPDATE 40 Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013 Tahun 2023 dan Jawabannya

- Jumat, 26 Mei 2023 | 10:50 WIB
siswa kelas 7
siswa kelas 7

Give an answer of love I need an answer of love
Rain and tears in the sun
But in your heart you feel the rain the waves
Rain and tears both for shown

For in my heart there’ll never be a sun
Rain and tears all the same
But in the sun you’ve play the game

26. Which one of the following statements is implied in this song?
A. The writer’s lover treats him well.
B. The writer’s love often expresses her sadness
C. The writer has got his expectation from his lover
D. The writer of the song feels sure with his love.

Jawaban: B

27. “Rain and tears both for shown. For in my heart there’ll never be a sun”. The phrase “my heart there’ll never be a sun” means that the writer .....
A. will feel sure in his heart
B. will always feel sad
C. will have his heart be with bright life
D. will feel so faithless all the time

Jawaban: B

28. The word “rain” in this song refers to .....
A. autumn time   C. wintertime
B. springtime      D. summertime

Jawaban: C

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29. What is theme of the song above?
A. rain and tears   C. summer
B. rain                 D. winter

Jawaban: A

30. Who is the singer?
A. Demis Roussos   C. Ariana Grande
B. Jasson mraz       D. Rain and tears

Jawaban: A

31. Weni : Do you go jogging ? It’s good for your
health, you know.
Puti : I know, but I don’t have a friend to go jogging with.
Weni : Why don’t you join me tomorrow ?

Does Puti Go Jogging ?
A. Yes, she does     C. She usually does
B. No, she doesn’t  D. She certainly does


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